Here’s Five Tips for Just Cause 3, Which Is Now Available Through PlayStation Plus

Now available through the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe) as part of the August 2017 PlayStation Plus free games lineup, Just Cause 3 sees Rico Rodriguez returning to his homeland of Medici, which is over 400 square miles.

To celebrate the PS+ launch today, Senior Producer Adam Davidson offered up these five tips and tricks to the millions of potential new players:

  1. Master the Grapple Hook – Rico’s upgraded grapple hook is a real game changer in Just Cause. Indeed, it is very useful for crossing terrain and moving quickly, but you’ll soon find that it’s ability to tether objects together has incredible destructive and combat capability. There is some strong tech at work here, you can anchor overhead helicopters to the ground and send them spinning to their doom, you can halt pursuing cars with a flick or your wrist – or – you can get really creative and tether explosive ‘chaos objects’ such as oil drums and electrical substations together to tear apart bases in a cacophony of fireworks.
  2. Get to Know the Wingsuit – One of the most exciting new features in Just Cause 3 is Rico’s wingsuit – you get it very early on in the game and it makes a huge difference in how Rico navigates around the massive sandbox of Medici – and it is an excellent tool for getting out of (and into) trouble. Time spent mastering the wingsuit is time spent learning how to rule the skies.
  3. Hitch a Ride – There are a huge variety of vehicles in Just Cause 3, and some are harder to find than others, but if you see it you can drive it! From helicopters to jet skis and everything in-between, you can hijack every vehicle you find. That includes military craft such as tanks and jets – even mid-flight. The pilot won’t be happy about it but you have an island to free and places to be.
  4. Remember the Rebel Drops – Your best friend Mario owns a series of garages across Medici. Vehicles that you ‘liberate’ and bring back to him can be summoned with a rebel drop if you’ve already secured them via his garages, and you can have weapons and explosives delivered to you as well. If you are finding a base or mission particularly difficult, consider air dropping in some new equipment to help you even the odds.
  5. Plan Your Attack – In order to free Medici you’ll be faced with liberating many towns and thrashing a whole lot of enemy bases. There are almost an infinite number of ways that you can approach this. Sure, you can saunter up to the front gate, guns a-blazing, but often it’s worth scouting things out first and weighing your options. See those SAMs over there? You can hack into them to turn the tables on the enemy helicopters. Those bad guys standing too close to a radar dish? Shame if someone were to pull it down on top of them. There are plenty of other creative ways to get the job done, but you get the idea.

According to players, Just Cause 3 is a 40.8GB download, and you need to have 5.7GB downloaded to launch it. One of the other PS+ titles, Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, is 8.1GB and 4.9GB is needed to start.

If you want more from Just Cause 3, there’s three expansion packs available inside the $25 Expansion Pass: Sky Fortress (new missions and the Bavarium Wingsuit), Mech Land Assault (new missions and an armored mech), and Bavarium Sea Heist (new missions and locations). If you live in Europe, the Expansion Pass is 60% off until August 16.

As revealed last week, those in Latin America will find Strike Vector EX instead of Just Cause 3.

Will you be playing Just Cause 3 (our review) for the first time this week?

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