Rock of Ages 2 Crashing on the PS4 August 28

Atlus has announced that ACE Team’s Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder will be releasing later this month via the PlayStation.Blog. The game will hit the PlayStation Network on August 28, and will feature new stages, enemies, units over the original title. There’s quite a lot to get excited for if you played Rock of Ages and want more!

Here’s a bit more information from the PlayStation.Blog:

Of course, in order to get past each stage, Atlas must rock and roll his way to victory in classic Rock of Ages action. Not familiar with how disputes between mythological figures are resolved? Don’t worry! The basic idea of it is quite simple: repeatedly roll a boulder to your adversary’s castle on the other end of the map, bash open the gates, and then flatten them into a pancake. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple because your enemy is trying to whittle down your boulder with various defensive obstacles. Oh, and they’re trying to smash through your castle gate to crush you into oblivion as well, so it would be wise to set up some obstacles too. And yes, it’s just as fun and frantic as it sounds, especially with the updated visuals and graphics courtesy of Unreal Engine 4.

So what’s new in ROA2? Besides new stages and characters, there’s now a bigger selection of customizable units. From the humble but essential Catapult to the deadly range of the Battleship, there are plenty of new and improved units to help protect your castle.

Don’t forget to watch this wacky new trailer, either:

Will you be picking up Rock of Ages 2?

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]