Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Detailed, Features Android 16 & New Playable Characters

This week’s Jump magazine has revealed several Dragon Ball FighterZ characters. New confirmations to the fighting game’s roster include SSGSS (Super Saiyan Blue) Goku and Vegeta, and Android 18. Finally, it was revealed that Android 16 will star in what is being called a “super high-end anime” story mode.

The Dragon Ball Fighterz story mode will revolve around Android 16 being revived, and then the character attempting to get revenge on the Dragon Ball cast. Other Androids will also end up in the story, as Android 18 is a newly confirmed participant. She’ll have a special combo attack that’ll have Android 17 join in on the mix.

Finally, Jump magazine also revealed some new information on online play. There’ll be a three-on-three party mode where groups will go up against each other online (with each player controlling a different character, obviously).

For more on Dragon Ball Fighterz, check out our hands-on E3 preview:

Since it is a Dragon Ball game, there’s also a big focus on mobility. By hitting the right trigger, players can use a special homing dash that’ll avoid Ki attacks. That’s not all, as they can also do a warp attack called Vanish that has players teleport behind their opponent and land an attack. That costs a guage of energy, though, so it’s important that these special moves are used in moderation.

The fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZ is just as fun as it looks. The combat is instantly accessible to anyone that has played a fighting game, but there’s enough unique systems in play that competitive players will have to spend plenty of time learning the ins and outs. Going off of Arc System Works’ track record, this isn’t a game that Dragon Ball fans will want to miss out on.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to release next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Jump via Siliconera]