Re:Legend Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Concludes After Hitting All Stretch Goals

Magnus Games LLP has concluded the highly successful Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming co-op monster-raising RPG, Re:Legend, meeting every single stretch goal.

The game surpassed its initial target of S$70,000 in no time, ending with an impressive S$630,700 raised by 7,385 backers. Rest assured, Re:Legend will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch alongside PC.

In an update celebrating the campaign’s success, Magnus vehemently thanked fans for their tremendous support, revealing that the developers were worried that they might not be able to raise the S$70,000 needed to complete the base game and at one point, considered lowering the amount to S$30,000 before opting to have more faith in the project.

Discussing its next steps, the studio wrote:

Even though daily updates might not be possible after the campaign, we will still be doing monthly updates on our progress, so we hope you will still read them from time to time.

Other than monthly updates, we would also love to keep our “Pick-a-Magnus” tradition so we will still be doing them on a monthly basis! All of you would get to vote for your favorite concept and see it come to life in the game like we used to do. We’re sure many of you would be excited to see your favorite picks get included in the game!

Lastly, surveys will be given out through emails after the campaign from time to time, so be sure to check out your email inbox! It will take some time before we finalize the content of the survey due to the complexity of rewards so bear(Rawr!) with us while we set up the survey. It is all for streamlining the process of processing your pledges. Remember that it will not be an immediate process so do not be alarmed if you did not receive the survey directly after the campaign!  

For more on the game, check out our Re:Legend interview with Magnus where we talk about its art style, music, and more.

[Source: Kickstarter]