Destiny 2 Characters Introduced in Latest Trailers From Bungie

To help get you acquainted with the various Destiny 2 characters ahead of launch on September 6, Bungie has released several trailers over the last few days, introducing you to Cayde-6, Hawthorne, Commander Zavala, Ikora, and Ghaul.

Here’s all of the trailers released so far:

This is Cayde-6. Gunslinger. Wildcard.

This is Hawthorne. When all was lost, she stayed to fight.

This is Commander Zavala. The man with a plan.

This is Ikora. Peerless. Fearless. Merciless.

This is Ghaul. Commander of the Red Legion.

“Beyond the cinematic story campaign, even more adventures, action, treasure, and glory await!” Bungie says about the European Dead Zone, which can be seen in our 45-minute gameplay video and this trailer:

In other Destiny 2 news, Project Lead Mark Noseworthy revealed that “it’s no longer advantageous to equip your most powerful gear when decrypting Engrams. We check for your best possible loadout now.”

If you’re planning on getting a digital copy of Destiny 2, pre-loading on PlayStation 4 begins Thursday, August 31. According to the PlayStation Store, it will be a 30.87GB download. Since Bungie says you’ll need 68GB of free space for Destiny 2 as of September 2017, it’s possible the first update(s) will bring the size up to 34GB.

As the Destiny 2 Trophy list shows, you’ll need to acquire each subclass on your way to the Platinum.

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