Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar Release Date

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Releases on September 5 for Premium Pass Owners

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar is releasing on September 5 for Premium Pass owners. Everyone else will be able to purchase it separately two weeks later on September 19, where it will likely cost $14.99 USD.

Here’s what you’ll find in In the Name of the Tsar, which EA is calling the “most extensive” Battlefield expansion so far:

New Maps

  • Lupkow Pass (Available for Premium Pass owners right now) – Fight in the snow-covered ravines of the treacherous Lupkow Pass. Against this dramatic backdrop, the vertical fights are as bitter as the cold.
  • Tsaritsyn – The Red Army and the White Army battle among barricaded streets as the old and new regimes fight for the soul of Russia. This up-close and personal infantry fight is as brutal as they come.
  • Volga River – A ruined battleground sets the stage for a tank fight between the Bolsheviks in red and the Imperial Army in white. Makeshift shelters provide cover from the freezing cold and the constant exchange of heavy firepower.
  • Albion – Partake in the skirmishes of the Albion assault in a freezing archipelago. In this massive invasion of the Baltic peninsula, the German Empire attacks with infantry, dreadnoughts, and aircraft against the heavy coastal gun batteries of the Russian forces.
  • Galicia – In the midst of the epic Brusilov Offensive, the Russian Empire is fighting to push back the Austro-Hungarian forces in the Russian countryside. Take on an open map focused on infantry, cavalry, and light vehicles.
  • Brusilov Keep – The Russians have pushed their enemy into a small mountain town, but the Austro-Hungarians are making a strong stand. Experience close-quarter fights by the Carpathians on an infantry-focused map.

Everything Else

  • The Russian Army – Join forces with the Russian army, including the Women’s Battalion of Death represented by the Scout class. Play as the largest army in the world – on the largest front of WW1.
  • 11 New Weapons – Expand your arsenal with 11 new, Russian-themed weapons including the Mosin-Nagant M91, together with new melee weapons, and the Russian Standard 1912 grenade.
  • New Vehicles – Pilot the massive Ilya-Muromets Heavy Bomber, wield the amped-up firepower of the Putilov-Garford Heavy Armored Car, and spawn strategically on the Y-Lighter Landing Craft.
  • New Game Mode: Supply Drop – Join a fast-paced fight for supplies on the Eastern Front as planes airdrop everything needed to outgun and outscore your opponents.
  • New Stationary Weapon – Defend your positions with a new stationary weapon: the powerful coastal gun batteries.
  • New Operations – New epic Operations including Brusilov Offensive – one of the most lethal offensives of the war.
  • Evolved Cavalry Gameplay – Ride with the legendary Hussars and charge into battle with new tactical possibilities. Master the all-new lance and evolved horse move set.
  • Take on New Challenges – New Medals, Dog Tags, Service Stars, and more. Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar comes with many new goals and in-game giveaways.

After In the Name of the Tsar in September, there will be an Operation Campaigns update in October, the November update (details TBA), the Turning Tides expansion in December, and the Apocalypse expansion in early 2018. Incursions mode is also on the way.

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