Ghaul Would Listen to Moana: Bungie’s Luke Smith Answers Fans’ Destiny 2 Questions

The Game Director for Destiny 2 is the latest to be in the spotlight on Wired’s Tech Support video series. Taking a series of questions from Twitter, Luke Smith invokes his character charm to answer the things that Destiny fans most want to know in both a fun and informative way. He takes this opportunity to tell players about the thought processes behind many of the key decisions and changes coming in Destiny 2, as well as hint that new villain Ghaul probably loves listening to the Moana soundtrack as a guilty pleasure. You’re welcome. Think of this as 20 minutes of Destiny 2 trivia from the head of the project himself.

Asked about the Loot Cave from Destiny, Smith said they are always analyzing player decisions in order to make the Destiny experience more fun and rewarding. “The Loot Cave was a pretty fun time in Destiny 1, and what it showed us was that the game that we shipped in 2014 was a game that people wanted to play and that it also wasn’t rewarding enough.” For the uninitiated, the Loot Cave was an exploit that players discovered where enemies would constantly spawn from a cave. Guardians gathered some distance and shot into the mouth of the cave, littering it with ammo drops and engrams. The colorful design led some to refer to it as the Christmas Cave.

Destiny 2 trivia

Responding to a left field question about the Queen of the Awoken’s hair, Smith diverted to talking about character design and choosing to design characters with cosplay in mind. “One of the ways that we think about character creation is ‘how are we creating a character that can be cosplayed by people who love our game?’ So choosing these characters’ hairstyles, their coloring, the way their zippers have little things on them…” Smith regards the desire to cosplay characters from Destiny as humbling.

A lot of people asked questions about weapon and character abilities, which Smith took as a chance to talk about new features that will make every weapon and character feel powerful in Destiny 2. For example, matching the color of an enemy’s shield with the element on your gun will create an AOE explosion that damages the other enemies around him. He also mentions the weapon economy, addressing power weapons as limited use special guns, with ammo that drops in specific situations to help plan for powerful moments.

These are just some of the topics covered in the video, and honestly, it’s worth watching the whole thing if you’re a Destiny fan. Smith goes on to talk about the lore being in-game now, rewards for original Destiny players that have not yet been revealed, and what music Ghaul likes to listen to the most. He also wants people to stop calling the mysterious rocket launcher the Dubious Volley. It’s the Wardiff Coil.

In other Destiny 2 news, the name and details for the first DLC have allegedly been leaked by a source close to Kotaku. The Destiny 2 trophy list only has 14 trophies, but reveals the name of the raid, and we have 45 minutes of gameplay from one of Destiny 2’s new patrol zones, the EDZ. Destiny 2 releases on September 6, and we will have a review-in-progress up the day prior, with a final scored review to come sometime after the game’s official launch.

[Source: Wired]