BlazBlue: Central Fiction – Jubei DLC is Out Today

After the initial announcement at EVO 2017, Arc System Works has today finally released Jubei as a new DLC character for BlazBlue: Central Fiction on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. As of this writing, the DLC is now available on Japan’s PSN Store, and other regions should also follow suit soon.

Jubei, whose real name is Mitsuyoshi, is an important character in the BlazBlue universe. He is the last of the famous Six Heroes characters to be made playable in the series, with the rest: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Hakumen, Yuuki Terumi, Platinum the Trinity, and Nine the Phantom already playable before this update. Jubei is married to Nine (whose real name is Konoe A. Mercury, which also makes him the brother-in-law to Celica A. Mercury), with whom they have a daughter named Kokonoe, who is also playable in the game. He is also known to have tutored the series protagonist, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Due to his position in the storyline, many BlazBlue fans had been requesting for Jubei to be added to the playable roster since the early years of the series. And he was finally announced to be playable in a trailer that was shown after the BlazBlue: Central Fiction finals at EVO 2017 on July 16. Jubei was first made available in the Arcade version on August 3, and he will also be added to the PC Steam version at a later date.

You can see how he fights in Central Fiction by watching the official gameplay video right below.

[Source: Arc System Works]