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Borderlands Skins Announced for Battleborn as Gearbox Teases Borderlands 3 Development Update

At its PAX West 2017 panel, Gearbox announced six premium Borderlands skins for its first-person shooter, Battleborn. As reported by Destructoid, the skins include Alani as Maya, Caldarius with Maliwan branding, El Dragón as a Psycho, ISIC as Claptrap, Orendi as Tiny Tina, and Rath as Zer0.

We’re told that ISIC and Rath will also get new audio, and the fall update will bring with it a new PvP map and balance tweaks.

Elsewhere during its panel, Gearbox teased a brief development update on Borderlands 3. According to Randy Pitchford, 90 percent of the studio is working on “the thing you want us to be working on.” His reason for not mentioning the game by its name is that “a thing does not exist until it’s announced.”

We’ll make sure to update our readers when we have more info. In the meantime, check out our Battleborn review if you’re still on the fence about the game. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Paulmichael writes:

If Borderlands and the MOBA genre could have a baby, I imagine it would look something like Battleborn. Gearbox Software’s signature style shines here, even if the humor falls flat most of the time. With all kinds of loot to tempt gamers into coming back for more, this “hero shooter” looks to be making a name for itself, and should hopefully stick around for a while with content updates now and in the future. There’s so much stuff to unlock and master, Battleborn is one for the collectors.

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