Code Vein Reveals Two New Characters

September 5, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

code vein

The latest issue of Famitsu is out, and featured within was some new information for the upcoming game Code Vein, including the announcement of two new characters.

You can view all the information below, including details on both new characters Rui and Io:


  • Rui (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) – A young leader who researches day and night to save the Revenants.
  • Io (voiced by Lynn) – A Revenant who becomes close with the protagonist. She has lost all of her memories, but has plenty of knowledge about Revenants and Vein. She seems to be the spitting image of God Eater character Shio.

Character Creation

In Code Vein, players will create their own character to act as the protagonist. Players will be able to select from the lead actors of various different works as the voice of their character, as well as be able to customize even minor details such as their character’s facial outlines, and pupil size and luster.


  • Characters can equip up to two types of weapons, which can be switched between without opening the menu.

  • Equipment itself can be changed any time by bringing up the menu.

  • Characters will level up by gaining experience points, and their stats will increase.

  • The user interface is simple and small.

  • There is a “Special Blood Sucking” command that can be triggered under certain conditions, which increases the amount of gathered blood and stock, and significantly increases the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

  • There is a “Focus System” through which a dedicated gauge builds up when the player in a pinch, and powers up the player when triggered.

  • Players can cooperate, coordinate, and transfer HP with their Buddy character.

  • The game will have actions such as launch-into-combo attacks, back attacks, and parries.

Code Vein is slated for worldwide launch in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Gematsu]