19 PlayStation Now Games Added in Europe

September 8, 2017Written by Tyler Treese


European PlayStation Now subscribers got some good news as Sony is adding 19 new PlayStation Now games to their streaming service. These include some great games including Metal Slug 3EntwinedThe SwapperAction HenkThe Swindle, and Hohokum.

Check out the full list of additions below:

Since it was published by Sony, Hohokum is one of the most high profile releases among the additions. Learn more about the title by reading our Hohokum review:

If you usually dislike such free-form creative games, you may want to skip this one or get it on sale. It also seems to be a great fit for children as well as adults, so if you have kids that may be a good reason to get it. The only frustration about Hohokum can come from the complete lack of direction when you feel like you’re stuck and you just want one little hint, but are greeted with a teasing absence of guidance. It’s not as bad of a thing as it sounds. I really did get enjoyment and fulfillment from finally figuring out some of the challenges after much trial, but there came a point when the balance of fun, free exploration vs. zero guidance tipped a little more to the frustrating side than I would have liked. Like I said, this can be a really fresh type of challenge to a gamer, and if that sounds at all interesting to you, definitely dive into the world of Hohokum. There are enough surprising secrets and Easter eggs that overall it is very rewarding, and I think many types of people would find something they love about the game.

Hohokum is a great, joyous escape into a well-polished, artistic video game. I felt very happy playing it. I felt an innocent kinship with my fellow eye-kite beings, and I had fun trying to find them. Over the course of playing the game, you gain a simple respect for adventure with friends. Any screenshot taken from this game could serve as a desktop background, and any person could find something to like from the many worlds, sounds, and little narratives. Hohokum is a game of many colors.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]