Luke Smith Reveals Destiny 2 Raid Power Level

September 11, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 raid power level

As one of Destiny 2’s most anticipated endgame activities, speculation has been rampant about the power level that will challenge players in the upcoming Raid. Taking to Twitter today, Game Director Luke Smith revealed that the Destiny 2 Raid power level will range from 260-280.

Power level is a measure of how strong a character is by aggregating all of their gear values together. Not being at 260 doesn’t mean that the Raid will be impossible, just as being over 280 doesn’t mean players will breeze through it. Raids are a test of teamwork, coordination, and skill, not to mention the first ones through the gate solving the puzzles that lay in wait.

The name of the Leviathan Raid was revealed through the Destiny 2 trophies. Originally thought to have something to do with Leviathan, an old ally of the Traveler, the current theory puts Leviathan as Emperor Calus’ ship, the same emperor  of the Cabal empire that was usurped by Ghaul. Perhaps it ends up being a bizarre combination of the two? We’ll know soon enough because the Destiny 2 Raid release date is Wednesday, September 13 at 10 AM Pacific. We’ll be streaming our attempts at completing it, as well as publishing our impressions of the Raid after we get our hands on it.

If you’re trying to get Raid ready, our Destiny 2 endgame guide can help you with all of the activities there are to do after the campaign concludes. Digital Foundry recently published their analysis of the Destiny 2 and found the PS4 Pro version to be the best performing, though all platforms performed admirably. Our review in progress of Destiny 2 says that this is Destiny at its best, with a full scored review to come after we go hands on with the raid later this week.