Dragon’s Crown PS4 Enhanced Port Leaked

Oops. Niconico’s website has an advertisement for Atlus’ upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2017 live stream, and it advertises an unannounced Dragon’s Crown PS4 port. Titled Dragon’s Crown Pro, the action role-playing game is shown only to be coming to PlayStation 4. That’s all the information we’ve got so far, but be on the lookout for it to be officiall unveiled during TGS this year.

For more on Dragon’s Crown, check out our review of the original title. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Chandler Wood had to say:

Dragon’s Crown is going to keep you busy for a long time. After beating the game the first time, you unlock a Hard mode to continue leveling your characters. Hard mode then gives way to Inferno mode which allows your character’s level to reach 99. With my Wizard rounding on level 32 and nearly 17 hours clocked in upon beating the game on normal, it looks like Dragon’s Crown will offer well over 120 hours of play to anybody that is looking to do a full clear on all three difficulties with all six characters.

Dragon’s Crown is, hands down, one of the most beautiful and fun pieces of art that I have ever interacted with. The visuals alone would be enough to justify a high score, but the gameplay cements it in place, minus some confusion when the screen gets really busy and some minor annoyances with the menu system and story progression in couch co-op. While it feels a lot like a retro throwback beat ‘em up title, Dragon’s Crown maintains a freshness throughout that never grows stale.

We’ll have more on Dragon’s Crown Pro when it’s officially announced.

[Source: Gematsu]