Overwatch Mercy Trophy Requirements Changed With Recent Patch

September 21, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Overwatch mercy trophy Huge Rez

Back when the Mercy rework was first announced, I was worried about one specific trophy that would be made impossible with her new kit. Every Overwatch character has a trophy that requires skill with their main abilities, and a trophy that requires skills with their Ultimate. Mercy’s Huge Rez trophy requirements originally read “Huge Rez – Resurrect 4 players at once with Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play,” which of course becomes impossible now that her Resurrect ability has been altered so drastically to only impact single targets. In fact, it’s not even her Ultimate anymore.

Checking the trophy list after the patch went live shows the new description. “Huge Rez – Resurrect 6 players without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play.” The new trophy requirements seem to be more skill based than the previous. Rather than needing the luck of having four players die all together at once, the post-patch trophy now asks Mercy players to play smart, staying alive and making tactical decisions to resurrect six players that die. For some, the new requirements are a piece of cake. For others, they’ll have to work at it, but at least it’s much more about the player’s skill now, as opposed to dumb circumstantial luck.

Interestingly, this now makes Mercy the only hero that doesn’t have a trophy specifically for her Ultimate ability, though both of her trophies can benefit from the broad nature of her new Ultimate.

I’m a little disappointed that D.Va’s Shot Down trophy–which is unlocked by blocking 1500 damage with a single use of D.Va’s Defense Matrix–didn’t change. It was already a tough trophy to get, but the recent update decreased the up-time of that ability to half, making this an even more difficult trophy, less about skill of absorbing damage, and more about that circumstantial dumb luck of throwing up the Defense Matrix at the perfect time that virtually every enemy is assaulting D.Va. If you don’t have this trophy yet, I wish you the best of luck going for that Overwatch Platinum.

If you want to give Overwatch a try, the next free weekend starts tomorrow and runs through Monday. You won’t see anyone wearing the Winged Victory Mercy or Oni Genji skins though. Those have been disabled due to a bug. Do you like the new Overwatch Mercy trophy requirements better or worse than the old one?