Twin-Stick Shooter Son of Scoregasm Coming to PS Vita This October

Initially scheduled for release in 2014, Charlie’s Games’ twin-stick shooter Son of Scoregasm is finally releasing on PlayStation Vita on October 10, creator Charlie Knight has announced. The sequel to 2011’s Scoregasm will be available to purchase digitally via the PS Store in Europe and US territories on the same date.

You can check out a release trailer above and a description via the PlayStation Blog and the game’s official site below:

Son of Scoregasm is a twin stick shooter, though not in the typical survival style. Instead, the game is comprised of a series of interlinked levels that you progress through in a non-linear style. What this means is that there are multiple paths through the game, ranging from fairly easy routes to some that are pretty hardcore. The levels themselves are designed to be different, and there’s a real variety of enemies, traps and bosses for you overcome as you explore the game and find all the exits.

Compared to the original Scoregasm it’s a much more streamlined affair, the score mechanic is tighter this time around and it’s much quicker to pick up and play. It also feels extremely tight control-wise on the Vita, it’s little thumbsticks are pretty well suited to twin-stick controls.

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[Source: Charlie’s Games, PlayStation Blog]