Taiwanese Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Bundle Costs $46,000, Comes with Actual Car

In case you thought certain bundles of video games couldn’t get any crazier, Taiwan is here to prove you wrong.

Recently announced by Sony, a new Taiwanese Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro bundle will come with the upcoming racing simulator, a PlayStation 4 Pro, a PSVR headset complete with Move controllers and the PlayStation camera, a years worth of PlayStation Plus, a Bravia 4K HDR television, a Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel and pedal set for the game, an APIGA AP1 racing chair set up, and a real life, actual 2018 Mazda MX-5.

gran turismo sport ps4 bundle

The bundle (pictured above) is not only 100% real, it is also 100% expensive. For anyone that really wants the bundle and is in need of a brand new car, it’ll set you back about $46,399 USD. That’s obviously a lot of money, but probably not that crazy considering it does come with a real car.

In case you missed it, Digital Foundry recently released an in-depth look at GT Sport‘s HDR mode, and came away very pleased:

GT Sport is in a league of its own offering users full control over the HDR experience. When enabling this feature, a configuration page allows you to match the HDR10 output to your television to get the best picture. If you’re using an LG display with reduced brightness when using the HDR game mode, GT Sport allows you to overcome this entirely, but really, every screen will benefit here in that you tailor the HDR level to best suit your tastes and the capabilities of your display. More games could learn from this implementation.

Gran Turismo Sport launches on October 17.

[Source: Daniel Ahmed via Twitter]