New Earth Defense Force 5 Screenshots Give Us A Great Look at Gameplay

D3 Publisher has released a whole batch of new screenshots for Earth Defense Force 5 that give us a great look at gameplay from the upcoming shooter. Judging by the images (which you can find in the full gallery below), we have a lot of crazy robots, bugs, and shooting to do. From what we’ve heard of the game, these screenshots look like everything we could have hoped for. Make sure to take a look at the full gallery below:

In case you missed it, the Season Pass for Earth Defense Force 5 was recently revealed, and you can check out the information for it below, and make sure to head over to our post covering the Season Pass for the entire list:

Earth Defense Force 5 will have a Season Pass that grants buyers access to two large-scale add-ons due out at some point post-launch, D3 Publisher announced.

In addition to the large-scale add-ons, the Season Pass will include more than seven additional weapons that do not appear in the main story (weapons, vehicles, support equipment, etc.).

Users who purchase the Season Pass will also receive an Earth Defense Force 5 PlayStation 4 custom theme and the Ranger-exclusive “Decoy Launcher ‘Pale Wing’” for use in the game.

Ranger-exclusive “‘Decoy Launcher ‘Pale Wing’”

Equipment that deploys a human-like balloon. The balloon acts as a “decoy” to get the enemy’s attention. In order to make it difficult for enemies to figure out it is a decoy, the decoy employs mechanisms that make it even more human-like. By fine-tuning the air pressure in every part of the balloon, success has been achieved in moving the balloon.

All early buyers will get a code for the Air Raider-exclusive Combat Frame ‘Nyx’ Gold Coat:

A gold coated version of “Nyx,” a Combat Frame of which only few have been produced. It is coated in radar wave-reflecting gold paint, but it has not shown to have any practical effect on the battlefield. From its appearance, it looks to be a rare machine that was used by a commander or for ceremonial purposes.

Earth Defense Force 5 releases for PlayStation 4 on December 7 in Japan.