PGW 2017: Detroit: Become Human Trailer Takes On Child Abuse and an Angry Father

We’ve seen a number of trailers for Detroit: Become Human before now, but none quite so emotional as this one. This fascinating trailer puts the life of a little girl in the android’s hands as players need to make decisions to see how it all plays out. Should an android intervene with an angry drunken man in favor of the life of a little girl? Or is the android’s place as a simple machine that obeys orders, regardless of the danger posed to other humans around her.

Once again, the trailer give a sense to players of just how many choices and paths will be available in the final game. We had a chance to check out Detroit at E3 this year, which featured a “pacifism/violence” meter in inciting a riot.

With the security network knocked out, Marcus and North needed something big to bust open the front of the android store. A nearby truck did the trick. Marcus awoke the shop model androids, and then made a speech, getting the androids to rally up for the cause. It was time to send the humans a message, and where Quantic Dream’s signature choice mechanics came into play. Marcus could choose between a variety of pacifist or violent actions, from tagging a bench or destroying it, to moving automated cars, or tipping them over, and more. Each action added to a bar that moved between pacifist or violent, in varying degrees depending upon how extreme of an action was taken. We saw Marcus take a violent route again; this was a shame, because we had seen the violent version in the trailer before. It would have been interesting to see how the scene would have played out if Marcus chose the pacifist route; it appears Quantic Dream is keeping much of the game close to the vest.

This new trailer appears to take a much more personal route, and I’m eager to see what other scenarios Detroit has to offer players.

Stay tuned for even more news and coverage out of Paris Games Week 2017.