The Final Set of Capcom Heroes in Dead Rising 4 are Interesting

Capcom has revealed the final set of Capcom Heroes outfits for Dead Rising 4, and these characters are just as unique as the ones that came before. Yes, that is Frank dressed up as Morrigan in the picture above. The other Heroes revealed were Viewiful Joe, Jill Valentine, Arthur of Ghost n’ Goblins fame, Bass, and Amatarasu. Yes, that’s right, it seems Frank skinned the poor goddess and made an outfit out of her.

The Capcom Blog has a bit more information on the new Heroes, here’s snippets on some of them:

Jill Valentine is no stranger to zombie threats, or surviving horrors as one of the iconic heroes from our Resident Evil series. Wearing Jill’s classic outfit, Frank is armed with a tactical pistol, grenades, and a devastating quad rocket launcher that can lay waste to the oncoming horde.

Frank will be dropping the Bass, as he dons the classic outfit from the Mega Man series and dashes into action with new attacks, booster jets, giant metal blades, and a thunderous punch that will make zombies un-undead.

In a first for the Dead Rising franchise, our hero will be able to don the fur of Amaterasu, the beloved character from the classic Capcom game Okami. Equipping this outfit allows frank to tap into his animal nature with flaming attacks, flying pounces, howling, and a celestial brush that summons a huge bomb.

Frank will be squeezing himself into the classic, body hugging Morrigan outfit from Darkstalkers, taking his style to devilish new heights. Armed with new attacks, summoning powers, and the awesome Finishing Shower move, Frank will show those zombies the true meaning of hunger.

Let’s not forget there’s a Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes trailer, as well:

There’s more at the Capcom Blog, including more preview pictures of the new outfits.

Dead Rising 4 will release December 5 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: Capcom Blog]