Blizzard Themed Skins Coming to Overwatch

We’ll be getting some neat skins in Overwatch soon! Blizzard revealed during the Overwatch panel that there will be some new skins for some characters based on other Blizzard properties. They look really great!

Here’s a gallery of the new Overwatch Blizzard skins, thanks to Reddit’s live updates:

This is not the first bit of Overwatch news of the day. There’s also a brand new character, Moira, and a new map!

It’s great that Overwatch is still getting attention from Blizzard, as it’s a pretty good game! Check out our Overwatch review:

I’ve never quite understood certain people’s opposition to accessibility: as far as I’m concerned, as long as you’re having fun and not interfering with the fun of others, there’s no “wrong way” to play a game. Overwatch seems to know this well, as it happily topples all the barriers to entry that keep so many potential players away from multiplayer first-person shooters. But while the lack of complex variables might seem like a blow to the hardcore, I actually think voracious FPS fans will find a lot to love in the simplicity. The game’s 21 playable “heroes,” each serving one of four main roles (offense, defense, tank and support), offer a lot of variety without the frustrations of a learning curve. With just a few moves apiece, you can expect to get a feel for each character’s strengths and weaknesses within minutes of playing them — and since you can seamlessly switch between heroes in battle, there’s no consequence to experimenting or altering your role to fit your team’s needs.

Which of these new skins are you hoping to grab?

[Source: Reddit]