Dreams Will Give Players Same Tools as Developers, Allowing Them to Create Anything

It feels like forever since we’ve gotten any news about the upcoming Dreams, the latest Media Molecule title. However, we do keep getting tiny tech updates via the developers on Twitter, and today Alex Evans – the co-founder and technical director for Media Molecules – has dropped another bit of a tease, this time giving us some insight into how the game might operate.

According to Evans, one of the scary things about Dreams is that players get the “exact same” tools as the designers in terms of creation.

One of the scariest/craziest/coolest (depends on mood) things about #DreamsPS4 vs eg LBP, is that in LBP everything was made up out of pieces only MM could make; in dreams, y’all get the *exact same* primitives as our designers. no ‘dev only’ assets.

That is to say, if we wanted a spoon, we made a spoon (in 3D studio max), and imported it into LBP. in dreams, we just have to sculpt it – just like you will be able to. (and then, share it online for all other spoon lovers to use!)

This will no doubt excite players who have been waiting for Dreams, as the fact that any and everyone can create the same thing makes the game that much more enticing. In case you missed it, Dreams will actually be at PSX 2017 this year, and Media Molecules seems will no doubt be excited to showcase the new things that have come to the game.

Currently, Dreams does not have a release date.

[Source: Twitter]