Far From Noise Releases Next Week, Leaves You Trapped on the Edge of a Cliff

Over at the European PlayStation Blog, the creator of Far From Noise, a game that centers around conversations had while you sit in a car that’s hanging on the edge of a cliff, stopped by to detail his game, and it looks pretty interesting, to say the least.

A narrative game that is told over the span of a day and night, Far From Noise is all about the dialogue and events happening around you. You’re trapped in an old, rusty car, and that car is balancing on the edge of a cliff. It’s not the best place to be, you’re stuck, and there seems to be no way out. Sometime after, a friendly stranger – in the form of a deer – stops by, and with nothing left to lose, or do, you start up some small talk.

“Your time together is spent discussing a great many things. Who this wandering interloper might be.” said George Batchelor, creating of the game. ”Why you came to the middle of nowhere and drove off a cliff. Loneliness. The unifying forces of nature. Tranquillity. Life. Death. Tortoises.”

The only gameplay found within Far From Noise is when you choose dialogue. The journey is what carries you through it, allowing you to choose what you talk about and opening the door for multiple endings. According to Batchelor, the creatures that join you aren’t the same all the time, and throughout various playthroughs, they may change. Even the nature around you changes while you dangle.

For more on Far From Noise, check out below:

Your companion invites you to slow down. To take a deep breath. Let the wind wash over you as a wave. Being in your situation need not be such a bad thing. Take it as an opportunity. A chance to stop, completely. To focus your attention on the horizon, the stars, the sounds of the lapping waves. How you choose to spend your time balancing between life and death is up to you. If you thought everything was coming to an imminent end, it doesn’t have to be despair… Does it?

Far From Noise is set to launch on November 14 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]