First Early Look at Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s Venom Leaked

Want to get a first early look at one of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite DLC characters? A Twitter user has leaked a couple off screen pictures of Venom in a match, as well as a picture of the full Season 1 roster for the game. Some internet detectives have confirmed the validity of these pictures, but also placed a higher-tier player in a bit of trouble, so you can read more about that at the Shoryuken article.

This tweet has the pictures:

The Venom in the picture appears to be an alternate costume, as well. It’s not much, but it’s a nice little preview of what’s to come!

While we’re waiting on some official media on these DLC characters, give the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite review a read:

The basics are also explained in the surprisingly good cinematic story mode. I wasn’t exactly blown away by the chunk of it Capcom released as a demo after E3 2017, but it evolves into a fun couple hours of action. A lot of the fun comes from getting to see the odd couples of characters (I never knew how much I needed to see Frank West and Spider-Man interacting), and there are several laugh out loud funny moments like when it’s revealed that Mike Haggar does his mayoral paperwork while not wearing a shirt. While I was worried that it might just be a collection of one-liners without a solid plot to back things up, there’s a fun narrative that takes advantage of the characters’ pasts, and it’s capped off with a solid ending that’ll definitely have repercussions whenever MvC has its next outing.

Will you be grabbing Venom when he becomes available?

[Source: Shoryuken, Twitter]