Check Out the New Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Public Event on Mercury

Today’s Bungie live stream showcased some of the new activities you’ll be able to undertake on Mercury when Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris launches in two weeks. At the hands-on gameplay event we had at Bungie’s studios a couple weeks ago, I was able to patrol the new space and check out some of the new secrets the closest planet to the sun hides.

Our gameplay takes some time to explore the new patrol space, check out the Lighthouse, and undertake the massive new public event. If you want to get right to the public event, go to 5:30 in the video. The new public event takes up most of the patrol area, and even opens up some new sections on the map that are specifically used for the new activity. While this is the main patrol zone, more areas will be opened up for the various activities that follow Curse of Osiris‘ campaign.

This video doesn’t show any gameplay of the Infinite Forest. That space is used specifically when other activities such as Adventures are active and we weren’t able to play any of those story-heavy and endgame encounters during our time with the game. There are also Lost Sectors that we weren’t able to find. The Lost Sector markers do not appear on the map initially, at least while the campaign hasn’t been completed. We’ll see what other secrets there are to discover on Mercury when Curse of Osiris launches on December 5.

What do you think of the new Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Mercury public event? Last week, Bungie held the first of three live streams set to reveal details about the Curse of Osiris expansion. The stream teased more about the Curse of Osiris Raid, and allowed us to finally release our playthrough of the first campaign mission. While we only showed the first mission we did manage to finish the whole campaign and provided our spoiler-free impressions of the story, location, and characters that players will encounter in Curse of Osiris.