PSA: Destiny 2 Iron Banner Now Live, Last Chance to Earn Season One Emblem

The second Destiny 2 Iron Banner is now live! While it’s the second  for console players, this is the first time that PC players will get to take part in the event.

Iron Banner is a week long competitive PVP event where Guardians prove their worth in the Crucible for Lord Saladin for exclusive rewards. The game type this week will be Clash. Iron Banner ends on November 28 at 1 AM Pacific. If you missed the first Destiny 2 Iron Banner, this is what’s different from Destiny 1 and what to expect from the competitive event.

Begins: November 21, 1 AM PST

Ends: November 28, 1 AM PST

What is Iron Banner?

  • Combat will be between two teams of four players
  • Your fighting abilities, not your power levels, will decide the outcome
  • Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with an Iron Banner Engram

How can you compete?

  • Complete the Destiny 2 campaign – the only way to reach the Tower
  • Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin the Iron Banner Quest
  • Launch into the Iron Banner playlist

What’s in it for you?

  • Earn Iron Banner Tokens in every match (earn more if you win)
  • Daily and Season Milestones that track your progress to glory
  • Claim brand new armor wrought in the forges of the Iron Lords

If you haven’t seen the armor, here’s what you’ll be fighting for:

destiny 2 iron banner

This Iron Banner will be the last chance to earn the Iron Banner Emblem, Shades of Radegast, rewarded for finishing the Seasonal Milestone. This is a season one reward, and once season two starts on December 5, it will no longer be available to earn.

destiny 2 iron banner

As usual, both armor and weapons will be available to earn as rewards. Earn tokens and turn them in to Saladin in the tower to earn the loot. Bungie promises that “Iron Banner will return in Season 2 with new rewards and new ways to earn them.”

Do you plan on playing the last Iron Banner of Destiny 2’s first season? Just this week, Bungie held the first of three live streams set to reveal details about the Curse of Osiris expansion. The stream teased more about the Curse of Osiris Raid, and allowed us to finally release our playthrough of the first campaign mission. While we only showed the first mission we did manage to finish the whole campaign and provided our spoiler-free impressions of the story, location, and characters that players will encounter in Curse of Osiris.