Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Ending

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Ending Leaked in Cutscene Video

The Destiny 2 Season of Plunder ending has been leaked after a cutscene video was found by players and uploaded for all to see. The cutscene features a twist in the story that players weren’t supposed to see until December 6, 2022, so if you don’t want to know more then we suggest you look away now.

What happens at the end of Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Saint-14 provides the commentary as Fallen leader Mithrax studies the reliquaries that are connected by threads that only he can see. He managed to perform a conversion that withdrew the primal darkness of Nezarec’s essence from the reliquaries and converted it into a potion. The potion was given to Osiris, who was revived. However, the potion also gave Osiris a glimpse into the thoughts of Sabaton and leads him to believe there is a secret hidden away on Neptune. The cutscene can be seen on the MrPollo Youtube channel if you want to take a look for yourself (thanks Eurogamer).

Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder sees the Guardians take on Eramis as she teams up with the old pirate lords of Eliksni legend to recover the lost relics and use their power for nefarious means. Together with the Drifter, Spider, Mithrax, and Eido, players have until December 6 to thwart that plan and grab the relics for themselves.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie is encouraging PS5 players to play the native version of the game rather than the PS4 version. Elsewhere, Destiny 2 cheat makers are vowing to fight as Bungie files a lawsuit.