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Experience Greek Mythology While Riding a Coaster in RollerCoaster Legends

Earlier today, Warducks announced that their newest title, RollerCoaster Legends, would be launching for the PlayStation VR this year, with an estimated launch expected to occur around Christmas.

According to the studio, RollerCoaster Legends is aimed to be a VR experience that allows users to encounter icons from Greek mythology, including the Minotaur, Kronos, and Hades. Players can speed through various mythical scenes and interact with enchanting characters while they twist and turn throughout the ride.

Nikki Lannen, CEO of WarDucks, said of the new release, “We love rollercoasters here at WarDucks but felt what is out there is lacking in certain ways. Many of the rollercoasters available are not focused on your virtual environment and are simply a badly built replica of what is available in real life. We feel as though we have built something which gives the thrill of a rollercoaster but also provides an engaging interesting experience at the same time.”

For more on RollerCoaster Legends, check out below, courtesy of WarDucks:

While VR rollercoasters are not uncommon on Steam, there is a lack of coasters for PSVR; On the rails horror shooter Rush of Blood, and RollerCoaster Dreams are the only two titles on the store. RollerCoaster Legends will appeal to rollercoaster fans and those wanting an unique VR experience.

The title takes you back to Greece and its mythology, including the Minotaur, Kronos, and Hades. Players will speed through various mythical scenes and encounter enchanting characters, all while riding a fast paced rollercoaster with daring drops and turns.

RollerCoaster Legends is slated to launch sometime around Christmas.