Star Wars Battlefront II Players Resort to Cheating to Earn In-Game Credits

It seems that EA and DICE won’t be catching a break anytime soon when it comes to Star Wars Battlefront II. The loot box backlash resulted in the companies pulling the plug on in-game purchases until further notice but players are still grinding for credits. Many are now cheating to unlock them, which is further ruining the game’s multiplayer experience.

Reddit users are openly admitting to rubber-banding their controllers, which prevents them from being penalized for inactivity. For those who aren’t familiar with rubber-banding (the console equivalent of PC’s AFK), its a way to make the game think you’re playing even though you’re not as your character continues to move around. As a result, players are earning credits without having to grind but since they’re not contributing to the matches, those on their teams who are actually playing end up bearing the brunt.

One player even went as far as creating a “progression droid” that is capable of pushing controller buttons, helping to “unskillfully collect credits,” in his own words.

Several publications have reached out to EA and DICE but they have yet to respond. It’s unfortunate that this is happening but here’s hoping that the issue will be dealt with soon.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

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