Next Final Fantasy Game Won’t Necessarily Follow Same Formula as FFXV

Square Enix is known as one of the powerhouses companies in the gaming world, but their presence in the West has often left many things to be desired. However, according to CEO Yosuke Matsuda, there is nothing to fear, and you just need to look to Final Fantasy for assurance.

Speaking to, the CEO talked about last year’s critically acclaimed – and high selling – Final Fantasy XV and the ongoing success of Final Fantasy XIV. After the success of both titles, Matsuda is more sure than ever about the franchise. “It’s not something we could ever discontinue, so in that sense it’s a very important franchise for us but also a source of great pressure.”

When discussing the future of the series, Matsuda was quick to acknowledge that innovation is the key to anything, but that not every game going forward would be as expanded as Final Fantasy XV, a game that had it’s own short anime series and a prequel movie. “Final Fantasy XV was an example of that going very well,” the CEO acknowledges. “As to whether we intend to do that for all titles going forward, I would say no, it’s going to be on a case-by-case basis. There are some instances where that will fit very well and others where it won’t… so I want to make that decision on an individual basis going forward.”

Despite the rumors that Square Enix is falling in the West, it seems obvious that the studio thinks otherwise, and with their recent success with Tomb Raider and the Final Fantasy series, it’s safe to assume that Square Enix isn’t going anywhere.

The rest of the discussion at is certainly worth the read, and sees Matsuda going in-depth on some of the other Square Enix properties as well as why the company let the Hitman franchise depart from under its hold.