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In the Valley of Gods, From the Creators of Firewatch, Announced

Developers Campo Santo, creators of Firewatch, have announced a new title at The Game Awards! Titled In the Valley of Gods, this new title looks like it’ll focus on exploration, or it may be a walking simulator like Firewatch. The title is a bit of a ways off, however, citing a 2019 release date.

Here is the trailer for In the Valley of Gods from The Game Awards:

Wondering why this is exciting news? Check out our review of Campo Santo’s previous game, Firewatch:

You’re Henry, a gruff chap who’s volunteered as a fire lookout for the Wyoming wilderness in a bid to escape his messy life for a summer. You’re introduced to Henry and his situation through a profoundly moving prologue, delivered through text choices that immediately play on your sense of morality. This sense of choice and power over such life decisions successfully nestles you into Henry’s boots, kick starting a relationship with him built on complex emotions like guilt and empathy. It’s a great method to validate not only his presence in the wilderness, but also his motivation for many of his subsequent dialogue options.

This dialogue is shared almost exclusively with Delilah, your lookout supervisor, via a handheld radio. A walkie-talkie, if you will. You access radio contact via the triggers, much like the actual devices’ buttons, giving a functional and immersive illusion. It’s just one of the many ways Firewatch gently tugs you into its reality, getting you more and more involved with what’s going on behind the screen. You can question much of your surroundings, calling it all in to Delilah, sparking numerous conversations about the most trivial of things, from panties to pine cones.

In the Valley of Gods releases in 2019.

[Source: YouTube]