LocoRoco 2 Remastered

Free LocoRoco 2 Avatar Set Available Now for PS4

locoroco 2 avatar

Fans of LocoRoco 2 will be happy to know that they can snag a free avatar set for their PlayStation 4 today. The set comes with 14 free avatars of characters and creatures from the game, and can be snagged by simply heading over to the PlayStation Store and downloading it. In case you’ve somehow never changed your PlayStation 4 avatar. all you have to do is head over to your Profile on the PS4 and select Edit Profile, then Avatar. Let us know in the comment section below if you plan on picking up the avatars!

For more on LocoRoco 2 ,make sure to check out our review on the remastered game below:

Everything else in this remaster is just as fans remember it. So the new LocoRocos, mini-games, bosses, the MuiMui House, collectibles, and unlockables are all accounted for. Other than the movies as mentioned previously, everything is upscaled for today’s resolutions, and looks crisper than ever before. All for the perfectly reasonable asking price of $14.99 ($11.99 for PS Plus subscribers as part of a pre-order offer).

Yet another solid remaster will likely make some gamers wish for a proper sequel in this hyper-cute franchise. The increase in resolution allows LocoRoco 2’s cheery art style to brilliantly shine, though this entry’s cutscenes leave a bit to be desired. Still, the core of this classic has not been touched, and this remains the same LocoRoco 2 many gamers have fond memories of. Pick this up if you’re a fan of the series, or especially if you never tried the original release and want the best version available.

LocoRoco 2 is available now.