Biggest Disappointment of 2017 – Nominees

The end of the year has rolled around, which means it’s time to sum up 2017 with the Game of the Year Awards. PlayStation LifeStyle is doing our year-end awards slightly different from previous years. We wanted to put more importance on the nomination for each award, so we limited each category to five games. That’s not many, especially in a year stacked with great titles. It took a lot of careful deliberation to come up with each list.

There were some pretty big disappointments that came out of 2017, from the dismal launch version of the long-awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda, to the EA shutting down Visceral Games whilst simultaneously declaring that linear single-player games weren’t a hot commodity in the current gaming environment. This one’s quite subjective, so we’re sure that your opinion will differ from what we came up with.

Keeping everything that happened (gaming related) in 2017 in mind, here are PlayStation LifeStyle’s nominees for the Biggest Disappointment of 2017:

The winner (loser?) of our Biggest Disappointment of 2017 award will be announced next week on Tuesday, December 26. It will be a part of a week-long celebration of the best PlayStation titles of 2017. Ultimately, it’ll conclude on Friday, December 29, where we’ll reveal PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2017. This year will go down as one of the greatest in gaming (with a number of disappointments to counteract those highs), so we’re very excited to unveil all of our picks!

Of course, we’d also love to hear what you think. Let us know what your Biggest Disappontment of 2017 was, and which nominee you’ll think will win the award! Is it the gross mishandling of loot boxes and microntransactions by major publishers? How about the studio behind Saints Row disappointing with a lackluster spiritual successor in Agents of Mayhem? Stay tuned to find out the winner next week!

View the rest of the announced year-end award nominees.