Knowledge is Power The Rock

Watch the Cast of Jumanji Duke it Out in Knowledge is Power

As Sony continues to advertise its PlayLink title of games that allow players to play with just heir phone, they’ve recently gotten the help of some high profile celebrities to test out their game. During the press junket for the upcoming Jumanji, Sony got the help of three of the film’s stars to test out Knowledge is Power, a trivia game that’s the second title to use the PlayLink branding.

As you can tell from the video above, the game is played in a fairly standard way, but the real fun – as Kevin Hart demonstrates – comes from winning the game and being able to talk as much trash as you want. For those who don’t know, Knowledge is Power is a “combative” trivia game, meaning players can use “Power Plays” to try and stall their opponent, stop them from answering, or do something that requires the player to struggle to answer. While you might not be able to play the game with Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas, you can still pick it up and have as much fun with your own friends.

Here’s how Sony describes the upcoming trivia game:

You like Trivia? We call this a “combative” trivia game, wrapped in a sparkling, shiny package.

From Wish Studios (the same developers of That’s You!), we invite you to test your brainpower inside the Pyramid with more than 5000 questions as well as targeting on your rivals with “Power Plays.” Using your phone or tablet, freeze your opponents’ touch screen so they have to smash through the ice to get to the answer or slime their screens with green gloop so they have to wipe it clean to see the answers. It’s not how smart you are; it’s how dirty you play!

Knowledge is Power is available now.