Grab Some Nice Discounts with the Final Fantasy XIV Winter Sale

Tired of how your Final Fantasy XIV character looks, but out of Fantasia? Square Enix is holding a Winter Sale, and you can grab a number of items at a discount. There’s also a number of new items you can grab from the Mog Station, including a Carbuncle mount.

The FFXIV Winter Sale runs until January 30, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of the discounts. You can grab five phials of Fantasia (change your character’s physical looks, including gender and race) for 30% off, five copies of Tales of Adventure (level up your Retainer to 60 instantly) at 20%, and black or white dye sets at 30% off.

That’s not all, though. There are also a number of new items added to Mog Station, though they aren’t on sale. You can grab the fully dyeable Carbuncle Attires, the oversized Carbuncle mounts, or a new emote.

A bit more interested in gameplay than cosmetic items? Check our Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood review:

Perhaps one of the more headline-worthy additions to FFXIV, though, is Stormblood‘s two new, über-stylish DPS classes: Red Mage and the Samurai. The former straddles the line between range and melee and is, quite frankly, a delight to play. There’s a certain elegance to the Red Mage’s combat design, and by alternating between Black Magic and White Magic in the heat of battle, you’ll begin to fill the all-new job gauge. Each gauge is designed with the specific class in mind — so, in the case of the Red Mage, that meter takes the form of a crimson-red vial — and they’ll lend players the ability to keep track of important mechanics in real-time.

Will you be grabbing any of these items?