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The Weekly Import Special – December 27

Are you in that crowd that would love to import some games, but are scared off with that heavy financial investment to do so? If so, then Play-Asia has some great import game deals for you this week. Starting at just $11.99, without shipping, there are some great titles you can pick up. This week there are actually a bunch of North American releases such as The Technomancer, and Guilty Gear XRD -Sign-. There are several non-NA titles, though, including the Japanese version of Tokyo Clanpool, and the Asian release of Mighty No. 9 (who knows? Maybe it’s better in a different language).

This weekly sale lasts through January 1, GMT +8. These import game deals are available while supplies last, so if you are wanting to jump on some great deals, then make sure to head on over to Play-Asia and start shopping. It’s worth noting that some Japanese and English games will include an English translation, but not all do. So, please do make sure you check what region the game is from, as it may not include English subtitles.

import game deals

Use the code “PSLIFE” at checkout to get $3 off your purchase.

Let us know in the comments below what import game deals you’ve seen, and if you’ve imported any games lately. We’d love to hear your recommendations!