grave danger ultimate edition ps4

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition Launching on PS4 Later This Year

Spotted Shark Studio has announced today that Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition will be making its way to the console platforms, and will hit the PlayStation 4 sometime later this year. The Ultimate Edition will come with 10 new levels to the game that include a ton of new mechanics, firewall, and a robotic bird that players can ride. Check out a teaser trailer for the Ultimate Edition below.

For those unaware, Grave Danger was released last month to the PC, and centers around various characters and their abilities to solve puzzles. Players must switch between characters and master their movements order to guide them through the puzzles and further into the story. The Ultimate Edition – which will hit PC later this month – adds new mechanics and levels, as well as fixes some of the bugs found in the original game. No word yet on when exactly the PlayStation 4 version will launch, but as it gets closer to Q3 2018, we should have more information.

For more on Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition, check out below:

Grave Dangers gameplay is about utilizing each character’s unique abilities to solve puzzles. The player will switch between these characters and master their movements and attacks, guiding our heroes further into the story. Manage your party and keep everyone alive. Nobody likes a dead teammate. Don’t leave your heroes unattended in a dangerous spot or they might get beat up!

Core features:

– Firewalls

– 30 levels (With update) Full Controller & Big Picture support.

– 3 unique characters all with different attack and jump abilities.

– 3 unique worlds with different enemies for each.

– The 3 worlds feature different kinds of puzzles.

– Player gets a grade at the end of each level prompting them to re-play for a higher grade.

collectibles in every level in the form of wanted posters.

– when a player dies, they return as a ghost and must return to their graveyard (checkpoint) to revive.This allows more mobility giving them the ability to explore in this form.

Ultimate Edition Features:

– 10 new levels for a total of 30 levels.

– UI Overhaul on level selection screen

– Turrets that fire purple projectiles that harm characters.

– Turrets that fire green projectiles that players can use as a bounce pad.

– Platforms that rotate depending on which end the player stands.

– A rideable bird that jumps and can run over spikes and other hazards

Grave Danger: Ultimate Danger is set to launch sometime in 2018.