the messenger ps4

Travel Through an 8 and 16-Bit World in The Messenger, Coming to PS4 This Year

Indie studio Sabotage has announced today that they will be releasing action platformer The Messenger on consoles later this year. The game, which starts off as an 8-bit action platformer before slowly evolving and taking the player into a 16-bit world, seems to be another game in the Metroidvania-style genre. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

According to Sabotage Stuio, players will take on the role of a young ninja on a quest to avenge his clan by any means necessary. Fortunately for you, that means traveling through space and time. The game starts off as an 8-bit platformer before evolving over time into a 16-bit Metroidvania-style game, and is billed by Martin Brouard – Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio – as a love letter to the retro console games of the 80s and 90s.

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Key Features Include:
  • The Way of the Ninja: Challenging retro-inspired gameplay with tight platforming controls put players on the path of becoming an ultimate ninja master.
  • Nostalgic Art Design: Travel seamlessly through time with shifts between authentic 8-bit and 16-bit pixel art environments and gameplay reminiscent of fan-favorite NES and SNES games.
  • Colorful, Over-the-Top Characters: The Messenger features a memorable cast of (often silly) villains, bosses and low-level goons.
  • Catchy Soundtrack: Renowned musician and audio wizard Eric “Rainbowdragoneyes” Brown is responsible for all of The Messenger’s audio, most importantly its trademark chiptune soundtrack. The entire soundtrack was made using Famitracker, providing an authentic and timeless NES vibe.
  • Play, Play and Play Again: Replay the game with all upgrades from previous runs to discover hidden levels and new story arcs.

The Messenger is set to launch sometime in 2018.