The Messenger Picnic Panic

You Can Download The Messenger’s Free Picnic Panic DLC Today on PS4

As reported back in June, The Messenger’s free DLC, Picnic Panic is out today, July 11, 2019. This DLC will take players to a tropical resort with new bosses and enemies to defeat. Picnic Panic takes place during an alternate timeline and tasks the player with rescuing friendly creatures known as Phobekins in order to stop one of the main antagonists of the game, Barma’thazël.

Based on the trailer below, the Picnic Panic expansion will include three new levels accompanied by various bosses, as well. You’ll notice the Ninja character jumping, attacking, and traversing the beautiful Voodkin Island in style. One of the more interesting bosses you’ll see in the trailer is the pink octopus creature that requires you to attack while surfing the ocean.

The Messenger is heavily inspired by classic NES games like Ninja Gaiden, with beautiful 2D pixel art and an excellent chiptune soundtrack. It originally released for Nintendo Switch and PC in August of 2018, but later came to PS4 in March of 2019. One of the interesting features of The Messenger is the way it changes from 8-bit to 16-bit graphic styles. The game starts out with an 8-bit art style but after traveling to the future, changes to 16-bit. This gives The Messenger a unique spin, making it stand out against the many 2D side scrollers that have released in recent memory.

And now that the Picnic Panic DLC is out for free, you can continue your adventure in The Messenger.

Will you be jumping back in to play the DLC? Let us know!

[Source: Venture Beat]