The Messenger ps4 release date

The Messenger Is Finally Ready to Share Its Message With PS4 Owners

The action-platformer The Messenger hit Nintendo Switch and PC in August 2018. Just recently, a PEGI rating surfaced that suggested it would soon make the leap to the PlayStation 4. Developer Sabotage Studio and publisher Devolver Digital have now confirmed this is indeed the case. PlayStation 4 will get the throwback ninja title on March 19, 2019.

A new gameplay trailer accompanied the news. Check it out below:

Sabotage has even more in store for The Messenger after its imminent PS4 release. On an unspecified date this summer, the studio will launch a free expansion, Picnic Panic. Thus far, Sabotage is only offering the following tease about what to expect from the expansion: “This resolutely silly adventure will test your skills even more as our ninja heads to Voodkin Island in order to thwart Barma’thazël’s wicked plan.”

The Messenger features a young ninja as its central character. To protect his clan from an army of demons, the ninja must journey across the world, carrying in his possession a magical scroll. Players will soon discover that things are not so simple. What begins as an odyssey through cursed lands evolves into time-traveling mayhem, allowing Sabotage to experiment with gameplay and visuals. One notable example includes the incredibly clever use of graphics. The past is presented in an 8-bit style. Meanwhile, the future is depicted with 16-bit graphics. These differences are also reflected in audio cues.

Its acclaim does not begin and end with impressive review scores, either. At The Game Awards 2018, The Messenger took home the trophy for Best Debut Indie Game, where it shared a category alongside the likes of Florence and the PSVR darling, Moss.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]