Hilarious God of War Q&A Reveals Story Details, Unlockable Costumes, Will Be a Surprising Game

As part of Game Informer’s month long coverage of God of War, they asked Cory Barlog more than 100 questions quickly over the course of six minutes. The interview has quite a lot of interesting bits, such as some voice actors that will be reprising their roles and unlockable costumes, but it still doesn’t give us a release date!

The interview itself is quite hilarious and I highly recommend taking six or so minutes to check it out, but if you just want the bullet points, here are some fun facts that can be gleaned from Game Informer’s rapid fire God of War Q&A with Cory Barlog.

  • Cory Barlog has been called Cory “Balrog” millions of times.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, God of War will be a 10 in the surprise factor.
  • We’ll find out what happened to Kratos’ old weapons (was asked about multiple times. This seems important to the story).
  • Kratos has killed 3,432 people (sure Barlog. We’re pretty sure you just pulled that number out of your ass).
  • Kratos is still a god, and is still immortal.
  • Atreus was the product of love, not a mini-game.
  • Atreus cannot be killed via gameplay.
  • Atreus does not know why Kratos is ash white.
  • The bit from E3 2016 is still in the game, but is has been changed.
  • You spend 25-30% of the game on a boat.
  • Kratos’ ax’s name is Leviathan, and it will chop down a tree in the game.
  • Cory Barlog’s favorite father/son story is The Road.
  • The ash that covers Kratos is fading a little bit over time.
  • Kratos experiences anger, sadness, and contemplation, but never boredom.
  • Kratos only knows two Old Norse/Scandinavian words.
  • Atreus will get stronger throughout the game.
  • The biggest franchise shakeup since God of War: Betrayal (the mobile game).
  • There are voice actors that will be reprising their roles from previous God of War games.
  • Atreus is part god.
  • The game is one long continuous shot.
  • The title screen will not just be a giant Kratos head.
  • There is a map in the game.
  • There are a lot of NPCs, and they have a nickname for Kratos (it’s not Snowskin).
  • When asked “Will Kratos ever come to the modern day, where money is our god?” Barlog answered “Yes.” Joking answer, or hint?
  • Kratos is a good dad.
  • There will be unlockable costumes.
  • Kratos still has his stomach scar from being stabbed by Zeus.
  • There are a lot of puzzles and sidequests (which Barlog insists are not called “sidequests” in the game).
  • They game will come out when it’s done.

Were you able to discover any other details about God of War hidden in this interview with Cory Barlog? Just yesterday, we posted about some God of War gameplay details that were found in the main magazine feature, and the rest of this month is sure to have more bombshells, hopefully leading to the reveal of the release date before long. Come on Barlog! It’s only the most anticipated game of 2018.

[Source: Game Informer]