Destiny 2 Servers Will Be Down on January 16, Prepares for Return of Faction Rallies

The Destiny 2 servers will be down for scheduled maintenance on January 16. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 8 AM Pacific and conclude at 12 PM Pacific. Starting at 8 AM Pacific, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. At 9 AM Pacific, all online players will be returned to the title screen. Maintenance is scheduled to end at 12 PM Pacific. Bungie is taking the Destiny 2 servers down to add hotfix Upon logging back in, players may be prompted to download the update.

The patch notes will be available after the update goes live. This update “will address issues related to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies access,” which is directly related to Bungie previously locking content and activities behind the latest expansion of the game. This update should re-enable access to these events for all players regardless of if they have the expansion or not. More details will be available after the hotfix goes live, and Faction Rallies will be immediately available after the maintenance period.

Faction Rallies Participation Requirements
  • Characters can participate in the Faction Rallies event if they meet the following requirements:
  • Character Level 20
  • Completed the Red War campaign
  • Completed the Faction Rallies Introduction Milestone
  • Pledged to one of the three factions

I recently wrote about how Destiny 2 suffers from reward impermanence by taking symbols of our victories and accomplishments and shuffling them away behind the game’s convoluted microtransaction system, leaving actual in-game accomplishments to feel meaningless in comparison. Yesterday, Bungie detailed a lot of changes coming over the next few months to make players feel like legends again, while decreasing the prominence of Eververse and microtransactions.

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[Source: Bungie]