Egyptian-Themed Roguelike FPS Immortal Redneck Launching Next Month

In what may be one of the weirdest genre mashups ever, the Egyptian-themed first-person shooter Immortal Redneck now has a release date. The game, which puts players in the shoes of a mummified redneck (yes, you read that correctly) that must shoot his way through the Pyramids of Giza, will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 next month on February 27.

According to the developers of the game, Crema, Immortal Redneck aims to blend the first-person shooter genre with roguelike elements in a unique way. After awaking following a dune buggy crash, the mummified Redneck must figure out how he became mummified while also combating an army of monsters that protect the secrets of the Pyramids. Immortal Redneck will include more than 50 weapons for players to find, and features procedural generation as well as permadeath.

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With more than 50 weapons to find, ranging from traditional to futuristic and fantastical, no run plays quite like the next. Each attempt is further shaken up by over 100 Scroll Modifiers that enemies drop that can help or harm in various degrees. Players might find a Metamorphosis Scroll with a chance to turn opponents into chickens, or the Sorry, Not Sorry scroll that swaps out all weapons for random new ones.

Each of the nine favors from the gods provides the Redneck with different starting weapons and abilities. Seth, the God of Storms, begins with a Taser Sword, Tesla Coil, and Electric Flamethrower, which allow him to throw electric balls as his active ability. Neith, the Goddess of Hunting, can send a falcon to attack her enemies while also using a Sniper Rifle and Tranquilizer Gun. It doesn’t hurt to have a god on your side when mummies need a beating.

Immortal Redneck is set to launch on February 27, 2018.