Sony Recently Filed Patents for New Motion Controllers

Folks over at VR Focus have discovered two patents for motion controller technologies filed by Sony. While one of them was filed last year, the other was filed earlier this month.

The patent filed in 2017 is for finger placement tracking. According to VR Focus’ Kevin Joyce, it specifically mentions the controller being tracked by the head-mounted display, suggesting that a new HMD will be introduced alongside the controller if it ends up being released in the market.

The second patent (pictured above) shows an analog stick, buttons, and a trigger.

Patents don’t necessarily lead to new products but if these materialize then we’re possibly looking at new PlayStation VR controllers that aim to address limitations of Move controllers.

In October 2017, Sony announced updated Move controllers to help alleviate issues with the original models. The following month, the company revealed that it’ll be increasing their production to tackle demand as holiday season approached.

Considering the VR device’s sales success, it’s no surprise to see Sony experimenting with new and improved technology. Not long ago, the company promised to significantly expand PS VR’s library by the end of 2018 while proudly announcing that demand continues to gain traction.

If you own PS VR, let us know what improvements you’d like to see in new controllers.

[Source: VR Focus]