Sony Shutting Down CounterSpy Servers in June

Sony has announced that the online servers for CounterSpy are closing later this year. The game, which is available on PlayStation 4, Vita, and PlayStation 3, will no longer have its online features come June 1, 2018. It’s the latest first-party game to have its online functionality removed, and it’ll join Gravity Rush 2WipEout HD, and Killzone 3 as titles that will no longer work online.

For even more on the PlayStation exclusive, check out our CounterSpy review. Take a look at what we had to say:

A huge part of CounterSpy’s appeal is it’s humor. When being briefed by C.O.U.N.T.E.R., you, as the agent, question some of the absurd aspects of the situation, like why you and not some other spy has to do all of the missions, whether C.O.U.N.T.E.R.’s intentions are good, or why the launch plans are exactly the same for both superpowers. Some of the most funny content comes from the intel you gather. For example, a study about “the use of cats to deliver atomic payload,” or a document about “how to stay a superpower for the next 1,000 years.” I hope no one is offended by this game making light of the Cold War, because I really think it means well and is all in fun. It even seems to be a sort of subtle statement about reflecting back on a time when things escalated very quickly, and how we can see now that was not the best way to handle things. Much detail was put into making this a fun game, and I think the title even makes a great Vita game because of the quick missions, unique DEFCON system, and bold graphics style well-suited for a small screen.

I really enjoyed this game because it has a lot of historical commentary delivered with subtle humor, and the unique DEFCON system challenges you to be smart about how you complete each mission. Playing as a spy who doesn’t align with either side and also questions the agency he works for makes for an engaging PSN title. CounterSpy touches on the gravity of the cold war while presenting it in a polished game that many will enjoy, if they choose to accept the mission.

CounterSpy is available now.

[Source: PlayStation via Push Square]