Report: Facebook Has Social VR Plans for PlayStation VR, Job Listing Suggests

According to a report from UploadVR, Facebook is currently looking for an Innovation Tech Specialist to join its Social VR team. While the job listing isn’t anything new or noteworthy (Facebook has been working with Social VR for a while now), it’s the finer details that present some interesting findings and a connection to PlayStation.

Facebook has its eye on PlayStation VR as a potential platform for its virtual reality social app, Spaces. One line in the job listing says “Build and extend workstations with productivity in mind, especially as we add PSVR, Windows Headsets, Monterey & Mobile.” Ignoring the blatant lack of the Oxford comma, this list doesn’t just talk about the potential of adding PSVR. Based on the wording, Facebook has full intention to bring Spaces to PSVR in some capacity.

UploadVR reports that the job posting could be found on LinkedIn, but by the time we checked it had been taken down. Performing a Google search will pull up the listing on the Facebook careers page, but if you click on it, the listing has been removed. We were able to find the listing still posted on Lensa with the same wording. It’s not clear why these listings are being taken down, but we’ll let you know if Facebook announces Spaces integration (or other Social VR team projects) for PSVR officially.

Spaces is a social VR app that has been in beta since last year, and currently allows Facebook friends on Oculus and Vive to meet up, share media, and play games, all in virtual reality. PlayStation already integrates Facebook connectivity into its users’ profiles for real-name requests, finding friends, and other social features, so it’s not surprising to see Facebook express plans to bring its social VR application to the PlayStation VR platform.

We’ve noted a number of times in the past that PlayStation VR would make a great home for social applications. Games like SportsBar VR already offer an opportunity for players to gather, hang out, and play games together. PlayStation has toyed with social spaces before with PlayStation Home on PS3, something we’d love to see come to PSVR in the future. Would you like to see Facebook’s Spaces or other Social VR projects come to PlayStation VR?

[Via: UploadVR]