Firesprite wants to be a PlayStation Studios powerhouse
Image: Firesprite

PlayStation’s Firesprite Studio Vows to Become a ‘Creative Powerhouse’

Sony Interactive Entertainment developer Firesprite showed off its flashy new office and announced that it has expanded its team to become a PlayStation Studios “creative powerhouse.” The fancy building based in Liverpool, England dates back to the 1800s and has been specifically designed to support Firesprite’s ambitions.

Firesprite joined PlayStation Studios in 2021

Sony acquired Firesprite in 2021 and it was widely assumed that the studio would focus on PSVR2 projects. While it did work on numerous VR games including the recent Horizon Call of the Mountain with Guerrilla Games, Firesprite is aiming beyond VR and wants to deliver “blockbuster experiences” worldwide.

“Whilst the studio is decorated to celebrate history and innovation in our home city, our technical set-up is designed to support our ambition to become a pioneer of creativity,” Firesprite wrote. “The move to our new studio space is a significant step forward for Firesprite in helping us fulfil our vision of becoming a creative powerhouse within the PlayStation Studios family.”

Firesprite now has over 250 developers working on a number of “exciting” projects, one of which is a narrative-driven AAA horror adventure according to job listings. The studio also has a PvP shooter in the works. It’s also allegedly working on an unannounced Twisted Metal game.