How to Unlock Luke Skywalker’s Hoth Skin in Star Wars Battlefront II

It looks like EA and DICE are finally starting to add some skin unlocks for character in Star Wars Battlefront II. Starting today and running for the nest two weeks, players will encounter three weekend challenges. Upon completing all three of them, you’ll be rewarded with the Luke Skywalker Hoth skin, and no, I’m not talking about the skin of a Tauntaun. Luke is dressed up in his warm jacket with the fur-lined hood, preapred to brave the coldest Hoth conditions.

It’s unclear if you’ll be able to make up for lost time if you happen to miss on of the weekend challenges, so in order to gaurantee you get the Luke Skywalker Hoth skin, make sure you log in and check the challenges over the next three weekends. The challenges don’t seem like they’ll be too tough. This weekend tasks players with defeating 30 enemies in multiplayer matches (Jetpack Cargo excluded), which should be relatively easy to accomplish within a few games.

Completing each weekend challenge will award players with a Cosmetic Crate, which will give players credits and an emote or victory pose. Finishing all three will unlock the Luke Skywalker Hoth skin for use. The in-game notification also hints that more character customization skins are coming, and that they will be unlocked via time-limited challenges. Judging by the image, it’s easy to guess that we’ll be getting Han Solo and Leia Organa’s Hoth skins as well at some point.

This could also point to the return of loot boxes and microtransactions soon. The in-game messaging says that these limited time challenges for iconic hero skins are in preparation for more character appearances, so it’s likely we’ll be hearing details about EA and DICE’s plans to rework the game soon. They did confirm that the progression system will be changing and that they will be discussing that more in depth sometime in March.

Despite getting off to a rocky start and sparking the loot box controversy at the end of last year, Star Wars Battlefront II is still a very fun game that captures that Star Wars fantasy.