Kickstarter for Final Fantasy VIII, Bloodborne, and Zelda Specialty Books Nearly Funded, Other Books Could Be Added

Last week, Third Editions, a French publisher of high-quality gaming history books, launched their second Kickstarter to fund English translations of some of their best sellers. The campaign is now more than 75% funded with just under a month to go until it completes. The team at Third Editions posted an update as they hit the 75% mark.

Hi guys!

This second Kickstarter campaign is running smoothly! We reached 75 % of the goal in just a few short days. We are trully ecstatic! And we’re glad you chose to support and trust us one more time. Thanks to all of you for helping us.

We are also lucky enough for being selected as a « Project We Love » by the Kickstarter team!

As you can guess, it’s a really good start. But the journey is far from over and we still have a long road ahead. First thing first: achieving the goal. Despite the success of the campaign, the objective is not complete yet and the books not secured. So if you’ve planned to support us and haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to do so.

And the sooner we reach the final line, the sooner we will be able to show you the pretty cool stuff we have in mind for the next phase of the campaign.

We still need your help to spread the word. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. If you know someone passionate about video games analysis, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Zelda or Final Fantasy, tell them about us 😉

Third Editions mentions the “next phase” of the campaign, which alludes to bonuses for backers and the possibility of additional books to be translated as they reach stretch goals past the initial funding goal. In their first campaign, the BioShock and Metal Gear Solid books were extras added on by reaching those stretch goals. If the pace continues, we could have an idea of what additional bonuses Third Editions will be pursuing within a week.

If this campaign reaches its goal, it will fund the translation of three books from French to English. The Zelda and Dark Souls books are second volumes that continue the story of those franchises where the first books left off. The Final Fantasy VIII book goes into the popular RPG in the same way that the acclaimed Final Fantasy VII book did.

Zelda: The History of a Legendary Saga – Volume 2: Breath of the Wild

The second volume of Third Editions’ Legend of Zelda series focuses on 2017’s open-world masterpiece Breath of the Wild, examining its incredible game design, world building and tightly woven lore.

Dark Souls: Beyond the Grave – Volume 2: Bloodborne and Dark Souls III

Beyond the Grave – Volume 2 picks up from where the first book left off, exploring the plague-ravaged streets of Bloodborne, a game palpably crawling with unease, and FromSoftware’s Souls series climax, the critical and commercial titan of Dark Souls III.

The Legend of Final Fantasy VIII

A comprehensive analysis of one of the popular role-playing series’ most fondly remembered entries, in the same detailed vein as Third Editions’ Final Fantasy VII book.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information and to back this project.

We’re currently reading through the books that were translated during the first campaign and will have a review of them soon. Have you backed the Third Editions Kickstarter project yet? Which books would you most like to see added in the stretch goals once the project gets funded?