Want To Wear Cool Sunglasses in Monster Hunter: World? This Week’s Event is For You

Monster Hunter: World has some of the most bizarre event quests for unique items that somehow just keep dragging me back to the game, even when I’ve got other things to play. You could make your Palico into a mini-Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn. You can wear a Wiggler Head that’s a strange crossover between a sock puppet and a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man. You can still get Aloy armor that makes your hunter look like Horizon Zero Dawn’s main character (there’s less than a week left for that, so better get it finished quick!). Pretty soon you’ll be able to look like Ryu from Street Fighter V, and your Palico will have the chance to be a pixelated Mega Man.

This week’s event quest is a small addition, but you’re just going to have to “deal with it.” Defeating three Tzitzi-Ya-Ku in the arena in the “A Flash in a Pan” event quest will give you the materials you need to craft Shadow Shades α, some sweet Monster Hunter: World sunglasses that will make your hunter look cool while taking down monsters.

Next week, Capcom will be doing a Monster Hunter: World livestream to reveal some details on their plans for continuing the game’s support. Players are still waiting for free DLC monster Deviljho to be released, and it’s expected the stream might have some details on that timing. Monster Hunter: World surpassed 7.5 million copies sold, making it the best-selling Capcom game of all time. In celebration, you can get a commemorative item pack in the game.

Will you be taking on the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku to get yourself a sweet pair of Monster Hunter: World sunglasses? What other bizarre event items would you like to see Capcom bring into the game?