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Five Studios Other Than DICE That Should Handle Star Wars for Disney

To say that Star Wars is one of the biggest brands in entertainment – one of the richest, and perhaps one of the most diverse – would be to deal in wild understatement.

Initially hatched in ’77, the time-honoured space opera has been pushing boundaries for nigh on 40 years, and thanks to Disney’s record $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm back in 2012, the Star Wars franchise is arguably stronger now than ever before. And things are just getting started.

On the movie front, the Mouse House has been adhering to a one-film-per-year quota ever since The Force Awakens resurrected a dormant giant, while Electronic Arts landed a 10-year licensing agreement to publish all Star Wars video games, beginning with the rebooted Battlefront in 2015.

A Time-Honored Legacy

But for all of its lavish production values and impeccable design – the sound of a thermal imploder going off will never cease to be satisfying – Star Wars Battlefront was a textbook example of style over substance. And its sequel? To their credit, DICE and EA carved out a single-player campaign within Battlefront 2, but the furor over the game’s microtransactions ultimately meant sales fell short of EA’s expectations – nine million copies sold between October-December 2017 as opposed to the estimated 10M.

It’s by no means a disaster – far from it, in fact – but in light of EA’s blunder, disgruntled fans have asked the question: would Star Wars be better served under a different studio? Per Disney’s agreement, Respawn is currently toiling away on an untitled Star Wars game, while DICE has presumably earmarked Battlefront 3 for the not-so-distant future – you know, once Battlefield is shipped off to WWII.

But let’s assume for a moment that we’ve slipped into an alternate reality in which Disney decides to revoke EA’s Star Wars license, before passing the torch on to another studio. LucasArts is no more – ditto for Visceral Games – so which dev deserves to wield the key to that galaxy far, far away?

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